Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome to Exotic and Exciting PRIMM, NEVADA!

Doesn't this just say it all?
For our third anniversary, Jonathan and I left the little dude with Grandma Wright and went to action-packed Primm, NV. I know, I'm goofing on it, but we actually had a really great time. It was an excellent deal because we were expected to gamble and drink and spend all kinds of money on debauchery, but instead we had a lovely time on the roller coasters inside of
Buffalo Bill's,
shopping at the Primm factory outlets (J. Crew capris for $9!!),
going OUT to see a MOVIE (as in a theater...not pausing to feed/clean/
bathe or put Caleb to bed),
watching the Olympics, and
eating baked potatoes, rice pilaf, roast beef and
raviolis on the same plate for dinner at the Buffet.
We had a ball!

It kind of has that Riverboat the gambling boat in the movie Maverick.

Glamor shots by Deb.

Jonathan's "I-am-a-Greek-Statue" pose

Jonathan's senior photo. :)
Becca's "I-won-a-millionaire-dollars-playing-penny-slots" shot

Three years and still in love...
After Primm, on our way to pick up the little Man, we went to the temple an endowment session and sealings. It was on our actual anniversary, so it was fun to see Jonathan's face in the "eternity mirrors" again. Three years ago, I knew from others telling me that I would love Jonathan more and more and more as the years went by, but I can say now from experience that I didn't hardly know what love was the day I got married. Jonathan is so forgiving, and he loves me even when I'm not too fond of myself. He has bunked in the hospital room with me when I had to stay overnight and he didn't. He has stayed up with me when I couldn't sleep. He has calmed my fears. He has understood me when I don't know what to say. He has prayed with me, cried with me, worked with me, served with me and most of all, laughed with me. He is my very best friend in the world. He knows me completely and loves me anyway. When he was in the hospital and things weren't looking too good, he lived for me and for our son. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with Jonathan. He is the answer to so many of my prayers. I've gotten sappy again, haven't I? :) Well, I just love him and three years hasn't been nearly enough!

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's tem-PE, not TEM-pe.

We started in Phoenix where we got to see my brother Paul and his wife Carly. Paul and Carly got married the same afternoon in the same temple sealing room that Jonathan and I were married. Paul and I have been siblings since he was a little over 2 and have been friends since an East coast trip just after I turned 13, so it was good to see them again. My parents were also out to visit Paul and Carly, so it was a mini little Southwestern reunion for a third of the Aylworth clan.

Let's begin with the car ride. Jonathan and I have discovered how to use Caleb's love of music to our advantage. Before we headed on a 5 hour one-way trip with Caleb we purchased 4 CD's totalling over 160 songs just for toddlers. Did you know there were so many little songs? Oh, I know all about sailors going to see, what you do with a "silly" sailor, monkeys jumpin' on the bed and many other little wonders. After all, 5 hours of toddler tunes beats the banshee shrieking right behind me anyday. So, off we go! Here is Mr. Joe Cool himself taking a break in Wickenburg...

The escape artist.

"Let me down, Dad!!"

Then, other than historic and glorious Arcosanti (please detect my sarcasm as all it really was was a hippie compound about 2 hours north of Phoenix), Skittles Bowling was my favorite family activity of the trip. I learned this little gem of an activity on, I'm pretty sure, my very first BYU date. Thank you, Chris Miller. The rules of skittles bowling are simple. For each color skittle you pre-determine the method of bowling assigned to it. In our case, if I drew a purple skittle, I needed to spin around 5 times before letting the 10 pounder fly. We gave purple this designation after my dear mother assured me that purple was the most rare of skittles colors. Statistically speaking, our bag of skittles was, therefore, an extreme outlier as about one in three skittles pulled was a purple. Needless to say, I with my iron stomach was the only one who did not feel queasy at the end of our interlude at the lanes, but we had a memorable, even if dizzy time.

This is Jonathan bowling backwards as required by his skittle choice.

And this is my Daddy. Bless him. He is a man of his word. He drew a skittle that indicated he needed to bowl with his eyes closed. Look how tightly *scrinched* his eyes are!

And this is my Mama sportin' excellent form.

I regret to inform that the rate of motion of Carly's hair precludes us from seeing her face...But it looks like she dropped the bowling ball on her foot...

This is my bro Paul going for the backwards "granny." A popular favorite in this Skittles Bowling event.I can't be certain, but this may be my victory dance with Caleb after bowling a strike...probably left handed. I have to agree with my cousin David in this matter... If it takes no training and if you can just go ahead and do it with your non-dominant hand, bowling really cannot qualify as a sport. I think I got a higher score skittles bowling than when I normally bowl.

The morning we left each one of us unwittingly put on the same shirt as everyone else. Curious. Quality bed-head, no?
Then we headed off to the splash park that Caleb LOVED. It was hard even getting pictures of him because he was running around so animatedly. It was just the right amount of wet to cool off without being unsafe for a toddler...except when mom steps in. Okay, now I'm already aware I'm the worst mom in the universe as a result of the following picture, so please, no hate comments in the blog. But since I have the picture, you might as well enjoy it...and know that brave Caleb is doing just fine.
Yup. This is exactly what it looks like. Jonathan took him to the top, and me, only thinking I could get a sweet action shot of the kid on this fun water slide, sort of forgot about catching the toddler on the way down. Well, I was right about the sweet action shot at least...and Caleb only skipped once or twice on spongy splash park floor.
He's not so sure about going down this time. I can't imagine why. :) I promise I put down the camera and caught him after this shot.

More trips coming soon...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rockin' Out

For Caleb's birthday, Gramma and Grandpa Aylworth got him this rocking horse. He's really just starting to get big enough to use it. You can tell by the look on his face how he feels about it.

This video is only a few seconds long, but my favorite part is right at the end (our camera ran out of memory so it's kind of cut off). Look at our rodeo-in' little cowboy!

Messin' Around

So I've been feeling bad for Caleb having to be inside in the hot hot Vegas summers. He gets bored out of his mind and there are just only so many things I can think of him to do, so I get bored too. I went on a couple of websites to find some ideas and I came across finger painting. Realizing I was in for a real mess, I decided to get some good footage of the event. The site suggested that with young toddlers you should home make the finger paint out of pudding with some food coloring in it so that when (inevitably) the kid puts it into his mouth, it's okay because hey, it's just pudding. That worked for about a minute. Caleb happily finger painted with his one little finger and it looked a lot like this:

As you can see he already has a little green on his mouth, but most of it is on the page.
Then he tried it.
And again.
And again. And he wondered why would anyone waste this stuff on paper! Just put it right in your mouth!

That's when he decided to go straight for the mother lode. When I wouldn't let him just eat straight from the bowl, he responded something like this:

My favorite picture. The whininess is so evident. I decided after this to go big or go home and let him play with the pudding.

One happy little boy.