Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Member how Thanksgiving was two weeks ago?

This was my first ever Thanksgiving where I was the boss and it was fun! I sort of expected to ruin at least one thing, but everything turned out, so I was really THANKFUL. Thank you especially to Barbara for all your Thanksgiving tips, to Jonathan for making a dynamite pie crust, to Marita for making the delish gravy, rolls and 2 pies....okay, so I know it doesn't sound like I actually did anything at all, but I promise I did. :) I just had good help. That's what a good boss does, right? It was also great to have Mom and Dad Wright as well as Mandy come visit us. Caleb LOVED having all the attention.

That's a good looking family!

That's a good lookin' spread!

That's a good lookin' bird!

And a good lookin' chef!

Thanks for coming! We loved having family come to see us. It meant a lot that you'd cram yourselves into our tiny little apartment just to share some time together. Love you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More coming soon...

I just downloaded all the pictures from Thanksgiving to the present, so more fascinating, adorable posts are coming soon. Until then--Christmas cards and more pressing, so if you haven't already sent me your snail mail address, you're going to want to do that. I have comment moderation on my blog, so you can put it right into a comment and I'll not post it, or you can e-mail me...either way. Send in your addies soon so I can get you our card. Love ya!