Friday, January 21, 2011

a Mother Heart

I haven't been posting much lately because, I guess despite your kind comments, I can't get over the feeling that no one cares much what projects I'm working on in my house or how James has had the runs for over 2 weeks now and his teeth aren't out yet, or even how Caleb has started big boy primary at church. I love hearing about YOUR stories, but for whatever reason, I have difficulty imagining that anyone gives a hoot that I'm neurotic when trying to decide what shade of green to paint the dining/living rooms. BUT, when something really important comes along, I feel this blog is an opportunity to spread the word in a forum unlike most others. I just looked at this blog's "followers," and realized I don't personally know about half of you. Which is fine. Unexpected, but welcome and flattering that even people who don't know me would be willing to read my tales or are interested in my tangents. Perhaps there are others still who may occasion this blog. So, for anyone of you reading this, or any others who hear about it from one of you, I have something to say.

I met a certain woman named Rachel over 8 years ago when as an 18-year-old, her grasp of the world and her role in it dynamically shaped my life. She was the president of the relief society I belonged to in our church and I was her second counselor. Without knowing what relief society really even was, she lived it. She served others, she loved others. She became dear friends with a woman she was "afraid of" because of this service. She told me of summers spent working at "handi-camp," summer camps for people with disabilities. She spent many late nights studying in the library and would then come home and go on a midnight or later run outside because it was her goal to run in a half marathon. She's a doer. She's a leader. She's an example of integrity and virtue. She works hard for everything she does and does not hold back. She gives willingly and goes beyond the extra mile in thoughtfulness. She's handled heartache and suffering with grace and patience, always waiting on the Lord, sure in His promises that all will be well. She's sincere and genuine and would probably never tell you any of this herself. Whether or not she knows it, I have looked up to this woman for many years. This woman has a mother heart. And yet, she is unable to have children. Despite painful procedures and discouraging fertility treatments, she and her sweet, steady, hardworking husband have been unable to have a baby on their own. Undaunted, they were just as eager to adopt as to conceive naturally, but adopting has also had its obstacles and they have not yet received a child. I know of no one more deserving, or more ready to be a mother. In her heart, she is a mother already. If any of you need, or know someone who needs a mother for her child, I can think of no one better. Working together, perhaps we can bring a little more love and a little more security into the life of a precious child. Rachel and Ryan's adoption button link can be found on this blog. Check out her adoption profile. See for yourself and then, if able, pass this message on.

Love you, Rach.