Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas #2

The beautiful Christmas tree. We had to keep ornaments (especially candy canes) about 4 feet or higher due to the 9 children six or younger who were at my parents' house on Christmas day. Caleb was not too fond of the unavailable candy canes.

Caleb really got the handle on unwrapping things this year. "What next, Mom?"

This is our nephew Caden who is the cutest little construction worker we ever saw. The best part of this story is that everyone else was opening presents and no one could find anything with Caden's name on it. He kept asking where his present was and trying to remain calm I told him I was sure he had something under the tree. Most of the other kids had their presents unwrapped when we finally found his present (unnoticed before because it was actually humongous!). It was this huge black and decker set with something like 72 different pieces he can put together when he's building. He's definitely a little manly man.

Christmas #1

Thanks, Mom and Dad Wright for the wonderful Christmas gifts and time together. Caleb loves his "kruck!"

Our amazing gingerbread house complete with sugar windows, icicles, awnings and a functioning door. Thanks, Marita!

Then, on the way from Hiko to Reno (on our way to California) there was a TON of snow! We had to drive slowly because apparently snow plows don't make the stretch of highway between Hiko and Rachel, NV a priority! :) Jonathan thought I was a dork for taking pictures of the cows, but literally we had to slow down to wait for the cows crossing. Could this be why the plows aren't busy here? There are more cows than cars?