Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Caleb had his birthday on Sunday and has been celebrating since Saturday. Grandma and Papa came to visit on Saturday. We played at the park for a couple of hours while the big kids played Bocce Ball:

And Caleb played with the umbrella stroller (seriously, pushing things around is how he wants to spend his time at the park).

Then we tried to go to a carnival, but it wouldn't open for a couple more hours.

Then Caleb man got spoiled--I mean LOVED--by many birthday presents (thank you Grandma and Papa Wright). And THEN he seriously needed a nap!

When he woke up he got to open his presents:

Tasting his gifts. "Not bad. Needs cheese."

He looks like he's playing silent football with his new little Caleb-sized ball.
He had a super fun Saturday.

Then on Sunday, I had made rice krispie treats for his nursery class, so he was very popular. After church, we had friends over and Caleb got to play and open even MORE presents. Then he blew out his birthday candle and had brownies and ice cream with buddies (thanks again for coming over, guys!).

I can't believe how much our little man has grown in the past year. Jonathan's mom did this for him and I just loved the idea, so each year I'm writing a snapshot letter to Caleb (and future children as they come) of what they were like this last year and what things make them special. Here's a look at Caleb at age 2.

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Dear Caleb,
It's a bit difficult to imagine that it's been two years since you joined our family. You have had your share of trials and more in your second year of life, but when you smile, or laugh, or sing, or skip, your joy is infectious. You've had recurring acid reflux, you've sprained your left knee, you've been to the ER for dehydration after you got your first terrible stomach flue, and, most recently, we've discovered that you're probably lactose intolerant. Nope; it hasn't been an easy year. But you know what, Caleb? You are a special son of God and He is always aware of you. He allows the Adversary to test you and try you because you are strong and He is preparing you for good and great things.

Caleb, you are so smart! You amaze me every week with the new words and phrases you come up with. You had a little delay in speech. You seemed to start catching on to what we were saying at about 15 months old and we took you to specialists who said you were 30% behind. You were just a late bloomer, but my have you blossomed! We get comments from everyone on how impressive you are. You have probably over 100 words. You're starting to really put together words. Your favorite phrase is, "Hold you?" meaning that you want me to hold YOU. Perhaps most impressive, you know the entire alphabet. You often sing the Alphabet Song to yourself. It's your favorite song because you know all the words. At the end you sing, "Now my know my ABC's..." You also can say and correctly identify all numbers from 1-10 and know most of the numbers from 11-20. You regularly count objects and we clap for you because you make us so proud.

You are so funny and make us laugh all the time. Another phrase you say all the time is, "I GOT you, Mommy (or Daddy)" and then you'll tickle us or tackle us. You love to tickle anyone or anything. You even want to tickle Grandma Wright's horse!

You LOVE babies! We tend baby Marshall and you still get excited to see him every day. Whenever we see babies anywhere, you want to hug, kiss and tickle the babies. You LIGHT UP and get super excited whenever you see a baby. We've asked you if you want to have a baby of your own in our family and you nod your head and grin. In fact, when we've asked, you've gotten excited and said, "Sis-dah" which we can only figure means "sister." We don't know how you even learned this word. You've made your prediction, so we'll see if your prediction (or wish) comes true.

You still LOVE music. You go to sleep listening to primary songs on CD and ask us to "SING!" all the time. You love to listen to songs in the car, or other times at home you'll ask for songs. You'll even dance (the wiggle dance...while saying "Wiggo-wiggo-wiggo"), you like to play ring around the rosies, and you'll sing your version of "Skip to my Lou" as you high step around the living room.

You LOVE Elmo and the movie "Cars." Anything that is like the "Mater-truck" you just adore. You love buses, trains, semi and pick-up trucks and planes. You also really love dogs.

You're still a Mama's boy, but you get excited when Daddy comes home. You love both sets of grandparents and love playing with "buddies" (when you see kids anywhere you say, "Hi buddies!"). You give great "squeeze-hugs" and kisses and love to read books while you sit on our lap.

We love you, Caleb. You are such a fun, sweet boy. You get more and more fun the older you get and we can't wait to see the boy and man you will become.

Your mother