Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Letter

Dear loved ones,

In 2012, we feel blessed to see that our year was made up of the joy of family.

In February, for Jonathan’s big 3-0, we took the family to Disneyland. Caleb ensured we went on every train-themed ride or attraction in the park. (You might be surprised how many there are!) Jonathan’s parents joined us for the trip which was a big help and a lot of fun. Later that month we enjoyed a lodge camping trip with great friends to Ensign Ranch in Cle Elum, WA. Caleb especially loved this weekend of friends. He graduated from Joy School in June and learned to ride a 2-wheel bike before starting Kindergarten this fall. DSC02664

Caleb LOVES school. He loves riding the bus, recess, art Thursdays, and especially excels in reading. **BRAG ALERT** Caleb is reading at a second grade level. When his teacher needed an extra moment, she asked Caleb to read the day’s story to the class. Having never seen the book before, Caleb climbed up on the teacher’s rocking chair, and read the book to his 25 classmates who sat in rapt attention, enthralled that one of THEM could read like that. We are so proud of his academic achievements, but we have so much fun enjoying his kooky personality and the nutty stuff he says. For instance: “Sometimes James’ Shepherd is the Devil.” “James, you’re not the boss of Daddy…Mommy is!” Me: “You’re about to be a big brother again to a new baby.” Caleb, gesturing to James, “No, I will just have another assistant.”


First assistant James, on the other hand, is our Bam Bam. I once saw him sitting in a shopping cart, arched over backward to pick up a gallon of milk with one hand. True story. James is our little athlete who likes to pick things up and put things down. He loves anything that involves a ball, but especially baseball and it’s completely adorable when he turns the bat around and holds it by the fat end so that he can up the speed on his swing. James is VERY 2 years old. “I do it!” or “Mommy do it!” He opens every door, pushes all the buttons and has become an excellent bagger at Winco because he LIVES in the land of I-do-it. It’s funny to see him get angry over these things because being angry isn’t really in his nature, so it wears off quickly and he’s back to laughing at everything—even being disciplined. James is completely loveable, even if he is a menace.


And now, debuting Corbridge Gordon Wright, born July 29th, 2012. He was named for Jonathan’s mission president, Lawrence E. Corbridge, and for President Gordon B. Hinckley, 15th president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Corby’s delivery was so easy (thanks to induction and an epidural), it didn’t feel fair to have him. He has mostly been a very easy-going baby. He has had some tummy challenges, as all our kids do, but has MOSTLY slept through the night since his second night (his Mom LOVES this). Corby ADORES Caleb, who is easily his favorite person. He starts giggling just LOOKING at Caleb. He’s long, big-brown-eyed and made the world’s cutest owl for Halloween.DSC02686

Baby Corbridge meeting his namesake.


With three little boys, my day is largely spent feeding, cooking, cleaning, feeding, picking up cars and trains and little socks, and feeding. I’m still serving as Relief Society president in our congregation and love getting to know the women who have proven to be such incredible examples to me. Jonathan has been promoted at work and is now a lead therapist. This mostly means he assists in coming up with solutions to department problems and fields co-worker complaints. As a born problem-solver, this is a good fit for him. He is serving as ward Executive Secretary which means we’re supposed to be at a lot of the same early morning meetings, but we trade off and make it work.


At this time of year, we remember our Savior, Jesus Christ, who made it possible for us to be a forever family (we miss you, Grandpa Hubbard!). His life gives our lives purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. In this season of gift-giving, may we remember our greatest gifts—family, health and the matchless gift of God’s divine Son.

Love, DSC02683

Jonathan, Becca, Caleb (5), James (2) and Corbridge (5m)