Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We decided that it's a little embarrassing that we've lived in Vegas for over 2 years now and hardly done any Vegas-y things, so recently we did the "Big Shot" on the top of the Stratosphere and last weekend we took Caleb and went to the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay Resort Casino. We were glad Caleb actually seemed to enjoy it because usually he's just unimpressed, but he seemed to like looking at the fish and sharks.
"Are you kidding me, Dad? This crown looks ridiculous!"
"MOM! Don't take pictures! Dad put this stupid crown on me!!"

Stupid crowns? Count us in.

This is a golden alligator...or crocodile...

Ladies and gentlemen...the Komodo Dragon. But he doesn't spew fire. He should be called, "The surprisingly large Komodo Lizard"

The weird thing about this fish is that it totally looked like your run-of-the-mill living room aquarium fish...only about 100 times bigger...
This guy was moving pretty fast so we didn't get the best shots of him. I think he was in a Shark version of the Indy 500 because he just kept circling the tank at top speeds.
Not as disconcerting as you might imagine a shark swimming directly over your head would be. Maybe it was the 8 inches of probably bullet proof glass in between us that made the difference...

Sharks showing off.

This one is funny because it's like, "This sweet suburban family had no idea what was awaiting them behind the coral as they paused in their day's festivities for photos."

Caleb actually seemed to care sometimes that there were things behind the glass. This might seem funny, but most of the time he is just as interested in the toilet plunger as the kitty who hangs out under the stairs in our building as the plant in the corner of our room. He seemed to pick up that this place was different.

They removed the stingers...so they say...and allowed us to touch the stingrays as long as we only touched them with one finger at a time. Imagine what a dolphin feels like---kinda rubbery/kinda slippery and you have a stingray. Except for that I touched this dude right on his spine and was sure he was going to get ticked off and lash at me like a giant scorpion...P.S...I'm a wuss.

Sea Turtles! They were trying to hide, but I got this one shot that I'm pretty sure it of two turtles. Sorry, Matt. Better luck next time.

Me and my buddy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pool Time and Ideas if You've Got 'em

These are at different times, in different states, but Caleb has been enjoying the pool lately. In fact, because we are indoors because it's so outrageously hot, swimming is the only thing that gets us outside! We're carless during the day, so if any of you have suggestions on keeping yourselves or your little ones entertained at home in the day, I would MUCH appreciate some advice! Please? :) Here's our little swimmer... Here's Caleb and his buddy Madelyn. You can tell Madelyn gets a bit more sun than Caleb does! :)
"I'm the King of the World!"
And just so our site isn't an entirely CALEB site, here is proof that Jonathan and I exist... This is us at our apartment complex pool and I am happy to report that this WICKED farmer tan I have going on is slowly fading away as Caleb and I get to the pool more.
My handsome boys!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dance like nobody's watchin'

Caleb has an Elmo toy that he just loves. He bangs on it, it plays music. What's not to love? Well, he starts groovin' to the music and we tend to bounce along with him, but this time, we grabbed the camera and this is what we got. Sideways...but still cute...

He's got moves like his Daddy! :) Just kidding, honey! Caleb mostly just steps side to side in his dancing, so yeah, I guess he's ready for Stake Dances now! :)