Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ma ma ma ma ma

James loves me.  When I was at the gym the other day, Jonathan was changing James’ diaper when James looked up, saw Daddy and said, “Mama!”  Jonathan asked himself, “Did he really just say that?” when James said again, “MAMA!”  Jonathan told me this story, but I didn’t really believe him.  After all, I’ve never heard him say anything besides, “BA ba Ba BA BAAA!”  which he does with great vigor.  Well, yesterday morning, he bit his little finger trying to eat his breakfast.  His subsequent grimace was heartbreaking.  He looked for me, found me and said in a pouty voice, “Ma ma ma ma ma ma.”  Because Mamas fix it.  Yes, we do.  He hasn’t said Dada yet, but he has said Mama.  This is probably my only kid who will do that, so I gotta soak it up.  I love my baby boy!

Ragnar Relay

It’s craziness.  How did I get talked into this?  The power of peer pressure lives on, people.  Smile  My lovely co-teachers in our Joy School have decided to jump off a cliff and I signed up to do so as well.  July 22-23, I am running a total of 17 miles in 24 hours (yes, that includes through the night) in three legs of a 36-leg relay running from nearly the Canadian border to Whidbey Island near Seattle.  We each run three of the legs in a non-stop relay.  I know 5 of the other women fairly well and I’m sure that through a nearly sleepless/showerless night, I will get to know the others well.  Am I a runner, you ask?  No.  Have I ever run?  Technically yes, but does junior high school cross country when I almost always finished last and did 13 years ago really count?  Let the Move-Free joint supplements and the excessive gym sweating begin!  And wish me luck!!