Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joy School

Caleb started Joy School a bit over a month ago.  I was a little nervous to let my baby (he says he’s a big boy…whatev) go to school.  After all, once he starts in 2 years, he’ll be going to school for YEARS (who’s with me?) and why did he need to start now?  Well, I went to the meeting to find out about it and felt strongly that Joy School was for me as much as for him.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  I don’t mean that the 2 hours twice a week with only one child to manage was for me, though that is an appreciated fringe benefit.  No, I mean that I needed to be associated with the other women whose children were also in this Joy School  For the uninitiated, Joy School is a mother’s co-op preschool.  Each child’s mother teaches Joy School for a week on a rotating basis.  Five kids equals a five week rotation with each mother taking her turn at teaching.  We have 6 kids in our little “school,” and their mothers are fabulous.  I’m already impressed by these women, their skills and their ambitious drive to be stellar mothers to their children.

This week was my week to teach.  On Tuesday by 11:00am, I was EXHAUSTED!  Six children 4 and younger for 2 hours is even more tiring than it sounds!  BUT!  Today was better.  We had a great time at the playground enjoying nature—and eating chocolate rice krispie treats.

Here are the kids in action.  046

Caleb’s first time ever playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Didn’t totally get it, but loved it just the same.

  042 036 038 040 045 033

Why does Caleb have his pants down, you wonder?  Well, after filling up the pockets of his jeans with gravel from the playground, his pants were weighed down and hanging off his booty.  In an effort to remove the gravel FROM his pockets, he reached in, further pushing his pants off of his skinny bum.  So, keeping them down around his ankles made much more sense than continually pulling his sagging pants up. It’s logical.  Really.  It was also broad daylight in the middle of a public park.

Caleb ADORES Joy School.  He’s having a blast with the kids, making new friends and, despite this picture, learning more social skills.  Now, if only we could keep his pants up.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jonathan’s health

Jonathan was in the hospital for a total of 10 days after one ridiculous discharge where we took him back about 7 hours after he was sent home.  Ten days is so much shorter than the full month that he was in the hospital last time that we are counting ourselves grateful.  Truly, last time’s experience has made this trial much easier because it is in the perspective of what COULD have happened and what in fact did happen three years ago.

So, he’s home and trying to regain strength.  I think one of the biggest hardships about this illness is that it lingers.  He wasn’t back to full health last time for a VERY long time.  The pleuracy in his chest last time lasted almost until this episode hit—but last time he had pneumonia to boot, so I don’t expect his recovery will be quite that long this time. 

He has been home for a week and a half now and has gone to work every working day since.  He comes home exhausted and sore, but, bless him, feels strongly motivated to provide for our little family and makes the extreme effort to be there every day.

But, he is still ill.  He hasn’t seen much improvement since his discharge.  His homework this week with the rheumotologist has been to lower his medication doses, but he was unsuccessful in the attempt.  The symptoms came on much stronger when he tried to lower.  He has another appointment today, so hopefully the doc will have some alternative plans/treatments to try.

We want to thank each one of your for your prayers on our behalf.  We know the Lord is mindful of us and are so grateful for the understanding that our afflictions will not last and will one day come to an end.  Thank you for your support.  Please let us know what we may ever do for you. We would be privileged to return the favor.