Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

This post is a partial birthday blog and a partial shout out to some great friends, Bryan and Chandi Allen, for hosting us for a fun-filled weekend! We drove a few hours to Cedar City on Friday night and Caleb was so excited to be there among friends that he stayed up playing until past midnight! This kid IS the Energizer Bunny. Caleb is usually pretty standoffish around "strangers" and I figured that since the Allens had moved about 6 months ago, he would consider them strangers. I couldn't have been more wrong. He climbed right into their laps and played with them all weekend, reaffirming our previous assertion that the Allens really are family. Here's a look at Becca's birthday weekend:

Fun decorations!

Be the tree...BE the TREE!

The only partial picture I have of Chandi because all our group shots are on their cool new camera. She made cupcakes that said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEC". Bryan nearly burned himself trying to light candles, so we left it to Chand.

After...Notice all the was a lot of candles this year. I'm going to have to start using 2 boxes of candles next year. I owned that wish, however, as you can see.
Bryan & Chandi's beautiful card and "Friends" picture frame. No one knows how to pick cute frames like the Allens.
We decided this was Caleb's present to me because he doesn't want to have an old wrinkly mom. It's a microdermabrasion kit. Look out world, here I come!
What a lovely hand model I make! This is a beautiful watch my handsome husband gave to me. He got it specifically so that someday when my ring is returned/replaced, the watch will match my ring. Isn't he a thoughtful darling?
We spent the weekend traipsing around SUU, getting the tour, going to dinner and then amazing ice cream (GranDee's...Cedar City...Check it out), playing games, watching movies, getting too little sleep, going to the park, visiting family, AND I got to see some childhood friends I haven't seen in probably six years. Thanks to the Hepworths for making the effort to come into town so I could see you again. I realized only after I'd left that I didn't take any pictures! What's wrong with me? If it hadn't been for Chandi whipping out her camera everywhere we went, we would have zero photographic documentation of this weekend. I'll post more pictures when I get them from her, or just see her website. :)
Thanks Allens! We love you guys and I'm so glad I could spend my birthday with family! :)

Our Father's Day

Okay, so over a week late is still better than never. I hope Jonathan enjoyed his second-ever Father's Day. In the Wright Family, we get a little antsy and we tend to open presents first thing in the morning, so this is the Sunday morning of Father's Day when Jonathan opened his presents from me and Caleb. Well, actually, he opened one present the night before so he would have his new BYU-ish tie to wear to Church on Father's Day. Here's Caleb helping him open the present. Happy, sleepy boys.
Caleb liked the tissue paper. He's such a cheese.
This is Caleb's hand and foot...sort of. He touched the plaster and then smooooshed it between his fingers and toes, so I sort of painted/drew the outline of his hand and foot back in...close enough.
Here was our Sunday afternoon activity. We were impressed with how well we covered the board. And, don't worry, I didn't let Jonathan win just because it was Father's Day! :)


Caleb has gotten to be one quick little dude. He always followed me around, but now he catches up to me and is practically my shadow all day...All day, that is, until he's doing something sneaky, and then he does it quietly so as I don't notice until things look like this:

You can almost see him scrambling for an excuse. "Well, Mom, I have this runny nose, see, so I needed about 100 tissues to take care of this runny nose, see? Aaaand...I just needed to make sure I had enough before I got started...see?"

This one is a little more unabashed. "Yup. I did it, and I'd do it again too!"
This is our bathtub. Note the objects that should and should NOT be in a bathtub. Hint: the little shrivelly orange thing is a baby carrot.
"Who me? Couldn't be!"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Look at that face!

Caleb doesn't totally get the concept behind the cell phone---that you're talking to someone through it who is far away---but he does understand what you do with it. After putting the keys on lock, I let him play with it and this is what he does:

Smart kid, huh?

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm it?

Tag from Mrs. Spurgeon:
A. Attached or Single? Attached at the hip :)
B. Best Friends? Jonathan, Chandi, Kristin, Jenny, Jessica, Katie, Rachael, Jennifer and Lauren
C. Cake or Pie? Pie---all kinds. You should see Thanksgiving with my family.
D. Day of choice? Whichever day is date night!
E. Essential item? Burts Beeswax... and birth control :)
F. Favorite color? Lavender
G. Greatest Accomplishment? Getting Jonathan to want to marry me.
H. Hometown? Chico, CA baby!
I. Indulgences? Chocolate chip cookie dough
J. January or July? In Provo it was July, but here it's January
K. Kids? Yep. If you haven't noticed by now he's the short one in all the pictures.
L. Life is incomplete without? Jonathan and Caleb, of course...but also vacations and music!
M. Marriage date? August 12, 2005
N. Number of siblings? 6 brothers
O. Oranges or Apples? I love juicy oranges and when apples are sliced up.
P. Phobias or fears? I hate snakes
Q. Quotes? "Let us get out instruments tightly strung and our melodies sweetly sung. Let us not die with our music still in us." --President Spencer W. Kimball
R. Reason to smile? June is my birthday month!!
S. Season? Spring
T. Tag three friends? the Chand, Joseph (you know who you are) and my mama.
U. Unknown fact about me? I know the words to innumerable songs. Even now Jonathan will catch me singing some random song and say, "I have never heard you sing that before."
V. Very favorite store? Any place where I can get it for 75% off. I am a bargain shopper extraordinaire.
W. Worst habit? Losing patience.
X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasounds of cute little babies!
Y. Your favorite food? Anything from Carrabba's!
Z. Zodiac? Cancer, but just barely.