Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hard to believe I'd try to start another one, but...

Hello friends,

If ANY of you is still reading my blog, I'd like to direct you to another blog to check out occasionally as I will update it as I go.  You can find it at I started this second blog as a means to provide a Q&A session regarding spiritual/religious/doctrinal questions.  I love the Scriptures and the word of the Lord and I believe we can find all the answers we need through Scripture study, study of the words of modern prophets, and of course, prayer.  If you have now, or ever have had a question you have struggled with or a doubt you simply couldn't reconcile, I invite you to seek with faith.  Tell me your question and I will look to the Source for answers.  Together we can draw closer to Christ, for He is Truth.  Come check it out!