Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Learning Emotions

Caleb LOVES books! They often discuss deep topics such as dogs throwing a party at the top of a tree, or peer pressuring/annoying someone until they eat funny colored breakfast foods, saying good night to anything visible or Baby Goofy catching and losing the fish he and all his Disney pals were going to eat for lunch. However, on occasion, one book or another will mention concepts like "happy," "sad," or "surprised." We've been working with Caleb so he understands just what his favorite characters are FEELING. This is what he gets out of our mini-lectures:

Happy. He's wearing Dad's shoes, duh. What's not to be happy about?

Is it bad to say that my son's "sad face" is one of my favorite things?

And, of course, love. Though you can't see their faces, I assure you, Caleb LOVES baby Andlie (and all babies, but we won't tell Andlie that!). :)