Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm not crafty or creative

Being a stay-at-home mom with one kiddo affords me a fair amount of down time such as when he is sleeping, or even when he is playing I could be working on something. BUT, I'm not very crafty. I don't "get" scrapbooking; I don't peruse Pottery Barn catalogs for ideas. I am a terrible seamstress. I burn microwave popcorn and do NOT know how to correctly dip anything in chocolate. It always comes out weird looking. Yep, this is my confession. I'm not all that crafty, creative or handy. I make hearty food that tastes good enough and will fill you up, but it won't win awards. Sometimes I forget to dust. And I have no interesting way to tell you that I'm pregnant. Yup. I'm through the first trimester and due May 16. I heard the baby's heartbeat today and he or she was kicking the doppler, so yeah, it's Caleb's sibling all right. But, unfortunately, I have no interesting way to tell you. So there. :)