Thursday, April 24, 2008

Somebody put some pants on that kid!!

Caleb is not so much good at letting you change his diaper, so successfully getting a diaper back on his naked behind alone is an accomplishment. This means that often enough he ends up without pants on because he crawled away before you could get them on...thus explaining the reason he's rockin' the diaper and shirt only. Anyway, Caleb's favorite things in life are: me, his blanky, his binky, an open refrigerator door, open drawers and cupboards and of course-- the dishwasher. Caleb loves everything about the dishwasher---from the mystery that it closes and he doesn't know what's going on in there to the drawers that pull out, to the silverware within easy reach, to the dishwasher detergent dispenser. In fact, he loves this so much, he climbed onto the dishwasher door all by himself to click the dispenser open and closed. I probably should have taken him down immediately, but who could resist taking pictures of this?

Showoff! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Look who's walking now?

We thought it was Caleb's April Fool's Day prank when he took his first real, legitimate steps from Daddy to Mommy, but he's been pretty consistent ever since. His balance is improving and he's letting go here and there on his cruisings around the furniture. As soon as the balance and confidence are all there, Caleb will be off and running...and so it begins...

Note: No pictures because Caleb would have been far too interested in the camera to have focused on actually walking, but take our word for it. The kid's mobile.

Balloon Attack!

"Follow me, Balloons! I know the way!"

"Heh heh heh... Devilish Laugh..."

"And, I'm done."

Baby's First Haircut

Jonathan has been trying to get me to cut Caleb's mullet hair for months and months and really, I can't blame him. His hair looked ridiculous...not to mention it was definitely not BYU approved coming over the ears and collar the way it was. So, after finally conceding that my baby boy is growing up, I cut the little man's hair. The outcome? Overall a success, though it might have gone better had their been a bit more in that bottle he's drinking.

Do you see how long it was?!

He likes it!

He's one pretty hip little dude.


We tried over and over and over again to get Caleb to look at the camera AND smile, but of course, that was too much to ask for :) Here we are on Easter Sunday in our Spring digs. Might I mention that I made the skirt I am wearing in this picture. Yep, I figured I'm a Mom so I should probably start having Mom Skills.