Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello friends.

WOW. So. You know those tests you can take that can determine your stress level based on what is going on in your life? For instance, check any boxes that apply to you:

Are you changing jobs? Check.

Are you moving? Out of state? Check. Double check.

Are you having a baby? Yes sir! Check.

Do you live with relatives? Check. Now, this isn't a cap on my folks. It's just a matter of fact that living with other people is more stressful than having a place of your own.

Are you making a major, life-altering purchase such as--your first home? CHECK!

Anyway, you get the idea. The good news is, at least they're all GOOD major, enormous changes in our lives. I mean, we don't have to check the box that says, "death in the family," or anything. We're actually extremely grateful and excited for all that is happening, but it sure is a little nuts. Here is how it's going down.

Jonathan finishes up his last clinical affiliation this week and then has a few weeks off to study and prepare to take his licensure exam before he's licensed to practice in the STATE OF


Yep. But, I'll get to that.

Then, at the end of April we head down for the 10 hours drive to graduation with the woman who is nearly 37 weeks pregnant and the almost three-year-old in the car (yeah. Wish us luck!)

Then, Jonathan presents his research (which is currently under review for publication---way to go, hubs!!) and graduates and then we immediately bust a move back home, hoping that I do not go into labor at any time prior to returning home (at about 39 weeks pregnant). Here's hoping!

Then, baby happens!

(I'm down for the count after this, so insert me packing and preparing to move prior to baby happening.)

Jonathan takes his majorly huge, everything-rides-on-this, licensure exam (no pressure!!).

THEN, probably Jonathan will need to go up to WA, start working and sign documents on our house and the kids and I will be able to move up around the middle of June.

WHEW! As you can see, a lot of this is speculation because many of these things are not yet finalized (when we'll be in our house, when the baby is born, when J will be ready for the exam, etc.) but needless to say, the next 3 months are going to be a bit hairy. AND AWESOME!

We're working on pre-approval for a house, which our mortgage loan officer assures us should go through without a hitch and thoroughly enjoying looking at houses in our soon to be home---Tri-cities, WA! The three cities are Kennewick, Richland and Pasco, and while we're not sure which we'll end up in for sure, we like Richland the best. It is on the south-eastern side of the state and from what we hear, about 2-3 hours from Spokane. They boast over 300 sunny days a year, so don't think Seattle---this is a DIFFERENT side of Washington. We're VERY excited.

And, because you've been waiting 3 months for this post, I will spill the other beans. Our little boy has a name! Not a middle name yet--we're still working on it. BUT, little man #2 shall be known hence forth and forever as James Wright. He already seems like a good baby and we're looking forward to seeing him in the next 7 weeks or so (yup! 33 weeks along!).

As for pics. Please forgive. We did finally get a new camera, but our computer has issues hooking up to my parents' wireless connection, so we've been using my mom's laptop and I haven't wanted to upload all of the software onto this computer that is not ours. SO, look forward to pictures...later. For now, enjoy my magical story telling (BAH!) in word form only and I will submit pics as possible.

Now, suggestions for how to make all of these transitions smoother? Yes, please.